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Vietnamese renowned spring roll

Vietnamese renowned spring roll


Some foreign travellers reveal that one of the most impressive experiences they have ever had in Vietnam is its cuisine, especially spring roll. Its name appears not only in Vietnamese restaurants’ menu, but also in Chinese or Thai ones. Some Europeans even acknowledge that if there is any South East dish to compete with Japanese sushi, it is spring rolls for its good taste and nutrition with little harm of obesity.

Vietnamese spring roll, or “Gỏi Cuốn”, consists of pork, prawn, vegetables, bún (rice vermicelli), and other ingredients wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper “Bánh Tráng”. In 2008, a new word “sommerruller”, or summer roll, appeared in a Danish daily newspaper named Politiken, easily related to its brother “foraarsruller” spring roll.

For the past ten years, when obesity or high blood pressure have haunted many Westerners, healthy eating have been extremely important. Some of them take Asian food as an effective solution, giving Vietnamese cuisine a chance to build up its reputation. It processes some noticeable advantages over other cuisine, not as fat as Chinese, not as spicy as Thai, not as expensive as Japanese and contains a lot of nutritious vegetables and starch.

Nowadays, international brochures promoting Vietnamese food include many favourite dishes’ recipes such as spring roll, summer roll, four season roll etc. The ingredients are available in most Asian supermarkets.

Frugal and tasty spring roll

Spring roll can also be taken as one of Hanoi specialities which taste lingers on in our memory once we start having a bite. It can be eaten in many occasions throughout a day, within a meal or not. With a trademark Vietnamese taste, spring roll is indispensable in every menu specialized in Vietnamese food in the world.

Though easy to make a spring roll, making a good one is not such a simple task. Every ingredients have to be carefully selected to assure the fresh taste of the dish.

It would be a sin not to eat spring roll without raw vegetables and dipping sauce. They balance the overall flavour of the dish, stimulate the sensation of taste and make spring roll typically delicious to be one of Vietnamese cuisine’s representatives.

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