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Story of a young girl falling in love with Vietnamese cuisine

Story of a young girl falling in love with Vietnamese cuisine


The dreams of preserving and promoting Vietnamese cuisine of a Vietnamese graduate who had returned from Australia. Born in 1988, having returned to Vietnam after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree of Finance from Monash University in Australia, instead of having a job in a related field, Thuy Trang decided to run her own restaurant, Cuon N Roll, to realise her lifelong dream.

Upon being asked which motivation had urged Trang to run a restaurant rather than a position in a finance corporation with a generous salary, she answered, “It is simply my dream and passion to preserve the beauty of Vietnamese cuisine. During my study in Australia a friend asked me, ‘Why in a time that the world is avoiding those dangerous fast foods, you Vietnamese, on the other hand, take them as high-class ones?’ This question had impressed and urged me continuously to somehow make Vietnamese people treasure fresh, delicious, healthy and authentic Vietnamese foods. Therefore, Cuon N Roll was founded.”

The experiences gained from part-time jobs at Australian restaurants proved extremely helpful for her restaurant management. “That time, I learned a lot from their professional attitude, disciplines and especially customer-orientation. The stricter we are about food quality, the stricter we provide to our customers to acquire our reputation and their trust.”

Grill Pork rolls

Cuon N Roll’s menu includes Vietnamese rolls from three regions. Fog Exposure rolls, Grilled Pork rolls, Four Season rolls etc. are all authentic and natural Vietnamese dishes. However, in order to put those in the menu and on to the customers’ tables, Trang had made great efforts by her own, from selecting ingredients by travelling across the entire country and choosing the right greens and pancakes, to processing and decorating foods. “There was a time when I spent the whole month experimenting and finding a way to effectively present Four Season roll,” said Trang. Even the restaurant’s bowls and tea set were carefully designed in Cuon N Roll’s distinctive style at Bat Trang pottery village.

Unique bowls at Cuon N Roll

Unique bowls at Cuon N Roll

Situated in Ba Trieu, Giang Vo, and Hoang Dao Thuy, Cuon N Roll restaurant is full of peaceful, calm, comfortable feelings with green theme and at the same time youthful and modern. Cuon N Roll is eminently suitable for whom looking for a place with clean, unique foods, nice view and not very far from the city centre. It is also a perfect place for friend reunions or cosy birthday parties alongside family.

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