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5 most loved rolls at Cuon N Roll Restaurant

5 most loved rolls at Cuon N Roll Restaurant


Vietnamese cuisine is ranked among the world’s top 10 most extraordinary cuisines. The harmonious combination of several flavours with numerous ingredients and spices has made particularly tasty and attractive rolls. Let’s have a look at the best-sellers at Cuon N Roll Restaurant last year!


This is a special dish, because the rice paper for this roll is elaborately made. After being rinsed twice, it is dried by sunshine exposure, then grilled to swell and attain an amazing white colour exactly like a rice pancake. Finally, it is exposed to midnight fog. As a result, the rice paper is glutinous, tough, and a bit salty at the same time, outstanding compared to any other one.

Furthermore, the raw vegetables included have all 5 sensations of taste: sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness, and umami. Wrap them all in a roll and you can enjoy every spice in life.


Spring roll is regarded one of Hanoi’s frugal and elegant specialties, which taste keeps linger on once you have a bite. It is among the most delicious and delicate dish of Vietnamese cuisine.


This dish is a set of squared nice noodle paper wrapped around fried and smoky beef along with fresh lettuce and coriander, an irresistible must-try.


Sadec roll is covered by an attractive fried crunchy bread layer. Putting one into your mouth, not only will you feel the oil-free crisp but also the well-seasoned molten roasted meat and vegetables.


Enjoying a pancake roll is not just simply feeling its delicious flavour, it is also a rather delicate art. The sound of crunching pancake when on the hot pan, when broken and chewed; The appalling smell of the newly-made cake; The cake’s golden yellow, vegetables’ fresh green and chilli’s bright red; The combination of all senses, sweetness of the powder, meet, shrimp and fat. Everything dances in your mouth to brighten up your day.

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