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Four delicious spring rolls you can make for the weekend

Four delicious spring rolls you can make for the weekend


Here is some tips for making holiday meal that you can quickly do with your family

1) Boiled pork sour shrimp roll


- 200g Hue Sour Shrimp, 150g pork minced.

- 2 sweet potatoes

- 150g lettuce, mint leaves, rice noodel, rice paper.


- Making diping sauce: Heat the oil, stir-fry well with chili, followed by the flour, sugar, garlic, seasoning to taste again. Off the kitchen, pour the mixture into the blender until finely smooth.

- Sweet potatoes peeled, boiled, cut into small fibers. Spinach leaves, breaks into a short, clean. Lettuce and mint leaves washed and drained. Clean pork meat , boiled and sliced​​ into small pieces.

- Put the rice paper on the disk, then lay the lettuce first, followed by mint leaves, rice noodle, Spinach. Next, put the sour shrimp and pork on the top. Then roll carefullty to make sure all the ingredients do not fall out.

- Slice into small pieces like Japanese sushi, On the top, add the sour shrimp and enjoy with the sauce.

2. Mustard leave roll with fresh shrimp and pork

Ingredients: - 100g Pork meat, 100g fresh shrimp, 50g mustard leave, 100g bean sprout, spring onion, chopped garlic, sugar, 300g fresh rice noodle, fresh chilli, 20g rice flour, 50g soy sauce, vegetable oil


- Boiled shrimp and peel the cover. Boiled pork and cut into slices. Boiled spring onion leaves quickly

- Put the mustard leave on the dish,add rice noodle and bean sprout . Next add meat and mint leave, shrimp, lettuce, roll it firmly and tide up with 1 onion leaf

- This disk is easy to make and good for your health

3. Delicious Mess Roll


- 1 carrot, 1 chayote, 10 mushrooms, Rice papers.

- 2 fresh tofu, vegetables: Mint leaves,lettuce, soy sauce, chilli


- Carrots, chayote peeled, washed. Mushroom soaking hot water for blooming, cut off stems. Pour carrots, chayote, shiitake mushrooms into bloiling water, take out and let cool, then slice like green bean shape.

- fried tofu crispy four sides, then julienne into small pieces . The vegetables washed, drained.

Soften rice paper, lay the lettuce on the rice paper first, continue to put carrots, chayote, julienne shiitake. Finally, tofu, rolled back. Rolls served with soy sauce mixed with chili sauce or chili garlic as you like.

* Note: If you like to eat meat and fresh noodles, you can add to this mess rolls.

4. Vegetable roll


- 5 purple cabbage leaves, 5 cabbage leaves

- 1 chayote, 1 carrot.

- 1 fried tofu, spring onion.


- Carrots, chayote peeled, washed and then julienne and boiled. purple and white cabbage, green onions washe then boiled quickly. Tofu julienne. Fried about 4 pieces, add 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon chili and satay

-Lay the Cabbage leaf on the dish, continue to put carrots, chayote and roll carefully. Use the onion leaf to tide up. Dipping in the sauce and enjoy/

Good luck to you