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4 The excellent use of Hibiscus Herbal Tea should know

4 The excellent use of Hibiscus Herbal Tea should know


Hibiscus herbal tea drinks is very popular drink in Roll n roll. Today we'll share with you the benefits this for human health

1.Minimize the risk of cancer, skin rejuvenation

In chemical composition Hisbiscus, there is 1 type of antioxidant flavonoids, substances will help reduce the aging process of the body, helping to preserve long youth.

Additionally, flavonoids may help to generate metal ions, help reduce the oxidation in the body, and protect your body ward off toxins and radiation injury

Beautiful Girl besides Hibicus Flowers

2. Hibiscus control blood pressure , reduce the associated cardiovascular disease

According to a science study of the Seattle University, if you have high blood pressure 500ml of hibiscus before breakfast every day will help you reduce the risk of high blood pressure after just four weeks of use.

Also studies show that people with high cholesterol, diabetes mentioned using Hibiscus 2 times a day for 1 month will also help significantly improve cholesterol levels and will help protect you from diseases caused cardiovascular measurements.

Hibiscus flower when It’s fresh

3. Hibiscus help you to lose weight effectively

If you are overweight, Or you are not happy with the current weight ? Please use 2 cups of hibiscus every day after meals will help your body burns fat faster, and will prevent your body from excess fat and lose weight.

Due to there is no Calorie in Hibiscus, so when using the Hibiscus flower helps your body get rid off Hydrat - because carbon causes you to gain weight

When drinking hibiscus also help you reduce the amount of water in your body, get in shape fast slimming.

Hibiscus herbal Tea at Cuốn N Roll

4. Hibiscus provides source of vitamins

Frozen hibicus

With the hot summer, Hibiscus is an attractive refreshments beverage with acerbity distinctive, charming red make you cant irresistible.

Providing a lot of vitamins, amino acids and many kinds of chemicals are good for the body as: A, C, D, F, E, B1 .... Especially very large amount of vitamin C - vitamins to help develop and heal the cells and tissues of our body. Plus Vitamin C helps the body to synthesize collagen gives you a mild healthy beautiful skin.